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Flowplay, LLC

Flowplay, LLC is looking for a Lead Java Developer  #INeedAJavaJobRemote #HiringJavaProfessionalsWorkFromHome #DeveloperJobs

Lead Java Engineer Elevate Your Engineering Career at FlowPlay in Seattle! Are you ready to level up your engineering journey? Look no further than FlowPlay, a dynamic game studio in the heart of Seattle. Pioneering interactive entertainment since 2007, our reach spans the globe, captivating desktop and mobile players worldwide. We’re the masterminds behind vibrant, community-focused virtual worlds that transcend age and device, ensuring everyone can partake in the magic. From the dazzling lights of Vegas World to the nautical charm of Seven Seas Casino, our portfolio is a testament to innovation. Uniting Passion and Playfulness At FlowPlay, we’ve perfected the art of weaving technology and imagination, all while keeping the spirit of play alive. Our virtual realms are more than games”they’re experiences that connect people across borders. With a hybrid remote-work culture and a central downtown hub, we’re all-in on flexible collaboration and a true work-life balance. You: Engineer Extraordinaire As a pivotal member of our engineering team, you’ll orchestrate the creation of groundbreaking tools that bolster our software prowess and platform infrastructure. Your technical wizardry will ripple through to tangible revenue impact, leaving an indelible mark on our success story. Engineer innovative, scalable solutions tailored for high-volume traffic and diverse customer cohorts. Master the delicate dance of balancing extensibility, robustness, quality, scope, and development efficiency. Cultivate and refine your team’s technology stack, elevating quality and maintainability. Light the path of progress by mentoring fellow engineers through insightful code and design reviews. Collaborate harmoniously within a cross-functional ensemble, dedicated to enhancing multiple game realms. Here’s your spotlight: A project virtuoso, taking ownership and forging ahead to conquer tasks. A team player, breathing life into positive dynamics and shared victories. A detective of code, piecing together disparate clues for ingenious problem-solving. A conductor of creativity, orchestrating collaborative symphonies to engineer effective solutions. A mentor extraordinaire, with a proven track record of guiding and inspiring your peers. An engineering trailblazer, ignited by the thrill of pushing boundaries and growing together. Your arsenal is equipped with: Mastery of Java, Kotlin, or other object-oriented languages, fortified by a rock-solid grasp of computer science fundamentals. Dexterity with relational databases, enhancing your engineering palette. A dash of curiosity, fueling your relentless pursuit of excellence. The courage to seize the reins and chart directions, especially amidst uncharted territories. Bonus Points for: Stellar interpersonal prowess, transforming colleagues into comrades. An impressive 8+ years of professional Software Engineering experience. A solid 6-year stint in the realm of server development. The versatility to shine both independently and as part of a collaborative constellation. Unlock Your Potential: Join FlowPlay Here, innovation knows no bounds, and diversity reigns supreme. At FlowPlay, we extend our embrace to applicants from all walks of life. If you’re ready to embark on a journey where creativity meets technology, and teamwork fashions dreams into reality, don your armor and step into our realm.

Flowplay, LLC

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